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   Located on the Isle of Thanet, the main vegetable growing area of South East England, right next to Manston Airport and just inland from the Kentish coastal towns of Ramsgate, Broadstairs and Dover, Invicta is perfectly positioned to coordinate vegetable supplies into Local, National and European markets.


  The unique local microclimate offers mild winters and summer sea breezes which together with the fertile grade one soil make this the perfect location for vegetable production.


  With food miles and other environmental issues becoming increasingly important it is our aim to make locally grown produce more available. We supply several local fresh produce wholesalers who deliver to many of the local hotels, pubs, work places and schools. In addition we supply supermarket distribution depots based locally in the SE and food factories with bulk deliveries of washed and ready to eat ingredients. These are prepared and packed in our High Hygiene facilities and are used as ingredients for their fresh ready meal production.

  Whilst we source locally whenever possible, when out of season we do offer our customers alternatives for continuity of supply. With our excellent road, rail, sea and air connections, we are perfectly situated to procure out of season and also supply export markets during their off peak winter seasons.


Safety first!

Invicta Produce is independently audited each year to the  BRC food safety and quality management standards. This is a two day, unannounced audit which checks that we have extremely comprehensive systems in place to monitor and control all of our production processes. It includes full product traceability back to the field our product comes from, food hygiene, health & safety of our factory, staff training and many other aspects of providing safe food to the most demanding customers in the UK.

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Our latest BRC certificate:

Environmental Awareness

We don't like waste!

  We generate approximately 75% of our own electricity from our 214 kilowatt roof top solar panels each year. During much of the year we are also able to export surplus energy back into the national grid providing green energy for others. 

   Product out of size and shape specification is sold to our customers as “wonky veg” or we slice or dice it to produce perfect looking prepared produce and utilize as much of the farmers crops as possible- regardless of its looks!

   Our forklifts are all electric and are charged nightly, on low peak energy, plus all our lights are high efficiency LEDs.

   95% of our waste is recycled or composted, be it engine oil, cardboard, plastic or cauliflower leaves.   


We take care of our own

  Suppliers that wish to work with us must all confirm to a social and ethical trading standard.

  By regularly supporting Pilgrims Hospice we strive to give back to the community.

   Local farmers are our most important partners; our mutual support for each other gives us strength and ensures the freshest and best product for our customers!